Jennie Gorman Speaker - Testimonial

Gerald Pauschmann Point TV

Every now and then you come across a person who exudes the utmost passion and professionalism in what she does. That person would be Jennie Gorman.

Since that momentous evening, we chatted some more and I invited her to join me on the couch to talk about living ‘An On Purpose’ life.

Jennie is one of those rare individuals that you could be deep in conversation about working on a strategy and later that afternoon you would be sitting down to a couple of beers telling crazy stories. I am richer for having met Jennie and if you have seen her name pass you by….click on that damn link and connect with her.

When I looked at her profile I noticed that she has some of the most influential people on her list and thought to myself, ‘Jennie would never want to connect with me’ Before long she came to one of my shows (The POINT TV) and we formally connected.

Gerald Pauschmann, The Point TV –

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