Jennie Gorman Speaker - Testimonial

Cheryl Spicer

Cheryl Spicer, Cheryl Spicer International


Cheryl Spicer: "What a Fantastic Morning.... Jennie is a Treasure. Jennie's Topic was How to Build Trust in Business...."Gold nuggets that one would expect at a high ticket price one day seminar."

"Jennie packaged her presentation so that we could learn, adopt and implement the information. I can honestly say I cannot remember the last time that I heard such a helpful dynamic caring presentation. Jennie made sure that we were able to follow her all of the way.

The energy in the room became that of a thinking environment as we were educated, informed and supported in understanding the importance of trust and relationship building. I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with Jennie in the near future. Thank you Jennie Gorman.

You Are the Real Deal!

Cheryl Spicer, Cheryl Spicer International 

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