Jennie Gorman - Speaker & Author

Jennie Gorman - Speaker

Discover The Power of Ethics and Trust in Business!

How soft skills can make a tangible difference to the bottom line!

Discover the Power Behind Trust and Ethics in Small Business & How it Can Grow Your Business

Jennie Gorman has been speaking to small business owners and entrepreneurs extensively for years about trust and ethics in business. She is well known for topics such as:

Awesome Authenticity

Goal Setting with Vision and Clarity

Ethics in Social Media

Values and Ethics in Business

The Golden Rules for Building Your Business

The Importance of Profiling for Small Business

How to Become a Master Networker

How to Build Trust in Business Relationships

Visioning for the Future

How to Build Strategic Alliance Partnerships

Living an On Purpose Life

WAKE UP! for greater self-awareness

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Always Great Value, Generous and Genuine 

"Most speakers come in one of two forms, either slick salesmen who can weave a story to convince you that you need something or those telling authentic life experiences and sharing real business examples. Jennie is at the top of the authentic list. Her warm-hearted, caring approach will resonate with you."

Mark Bridgen
Cheryl Spicer

Building Trust in Business Relationships!

 Jennie Gorman is a treasure. Jennie’s topic was ‘How to Build Trust in Business Relationships‘Gold nuggets that one would expect at a high ticket price..... read more

Influence, Passion and Professionalism

I have seen Jennie speak several times now. Jennie is a very natural, genuine, generous and informative speaker . Her content is excellent and she always adds great value to her audiences .”

Natasha Howie
Gerrald Pauschmann - The Point TV

Building Trust in Business Relationships!

“Every now and then you come across a person who exudes the utmost passion and professional in what she does.

That person would be Jennie Gorman. When I looked at her profile I noticed that she has some of the most influential people on her list and thought to myself,  "Jennie would never want to connect with me' Before long she came to one of my shows (The Point TV) and we formally connected.... Read more

About Jennie ...

Jennie Gorman - Speaker

Jennie Gorman is known as 'the people connector' and loves the opportunity to speak her message to people who want to hear it.

Her passion is helping entrepreneurs catapult their business into the 21st century by utilising what she calls the 'New Business' style of marketing and other smart business growth strategies, through her down to earth speaking, writing, masterminding, social media and networking! She says "It is all about authenticity ... trust and integrity will take you wherever you want to go in life, if you are REAL."

Ethical practices professionally or personally are the proof of authenticity. Jennie knows that trust, integrity and sincerity are fundamental to maintaining fulfilling, purposeful and satisfying relationships.

As a sixth generation Australian, born and bred with solid country values, given the opportunity she motivates and inspires people to perform at a level that they hadn’t yet recognised by her speaking, writing, coaching, mentoring or in MasterMind groups.

Jennie's helps make peoples dreams come into reality. With over 25 years in business and in the last eight years having developed a MasterMinding formula, she has proof that what she does works! Her formula has a solid platform that changes lives. As a growing organism that develops as she learns and experiences life, more new skills, contacts and experts to the team are added.

Her book 'Awesome Authenticity', mastering business relationships​ had it's third edition printed in 2015.

For more information, call Jennie on 0414 278 344.

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